Winter in Hebron

Hebron is covered by snow. The kids are having a lot of fun throwing snowballs at each other, they gather around every corner and on every roof top – and the ammunition never seems to cease.


People trying to find their cars under the snow-cover are not as amused, but on the other hand the streets have never been so easy to cross, because the traffic is almost nonexistent.

Adults are joining the children to make snow men along the pathways and everyone seems to be thrilled by the fact that Hebron suddenly turned in to a winter city.

10 January 2013

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Snow 10 IN.jpg

TIPH observers building a snowman together with the children

Snow 9 IN.jpg

Creating a snow sculpture

Snow 12 IN.jpg

The first snowball fight

Snow 1 IN.jpg

A day for having fun
Snow 3 IN.jpg

It takes time to get used to the sudden winter weather

Snow 4 IN.jpg

It is a hard work to keep the streets open

Snow 2 IN.jpg

 Digging out the car

Snow 6 IN.jpg

Some days are not the best for driving