TIPH supports school for visually impaired children in Hebron

On Tuesday 12 April HOM visited the Blind Charitable Society in Hebron as the start of a new project.

HOM delivering a white cane to a student at the Blind Charitable Society.
HOM delivering a white cane to a student at the Blind Charitable Society.

The Blind Charitable Society provides education for children who are visual impaired, from kindergarten to seventh grade. The TIPH-funded project will allow the students to improve their academic outcomes and allow them to interact, ask questions and develop new skills.

– It is important for the city of Hebron that children have a safe environment to live and study in, and that they are given the opportunity to lead a prosperous life. Access to education is a basic human right and organisations such as the Blind Charitable Society is an important part of the society. This is why TIPH supporting this project, says TIPH HOM Einar Johnsen.

The first part of the project was carried out on Tuesday when TIPH HOM distributed white canes to the students and teachers in the school. The second part of the project is to develop and implement study plans for the children in math and Arabic, in order to ensure that the lessons are developed in an optimal way for the students.

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The Blind Charitable Socity school has many rooms were children who are visually impaired can play and learn in order to help the children realise their capacity.

– Realising the importance of children and their wellbeing in the efforts towards a normalisation of the situation in the city of Hebron, TIPH has funded several projects throughout the year and we will continue to show our support of children and the access to education, TIPH HOM says.