TIPH signs agreement to launch Sports for Life programme

TIPH Head of Mission Geir Holmenes signed an agreement for a new project in cooperation with Hebron municipality and Tariq bin Ziad Community Centre.

TIPH Head of Mission Geir Holmenes signed an agreement with Mr. Mahmoud Abu Sbeih, Head of Youth and Culture Department in Hebron municipality, at the Tariq bin Ziad Community Centre on 10 march, 2015. The project, called Sports for Life, aims at increasing awareness and providing opportunities for men and women of all ages to exercise in a safe environment.20150310_HOM_TBZ_1.jpg

The project will contribute to improve public health and reduction of chronic diseases in the population. Among the activities offered within the frame of the project at the Community Centre are sport programmes, medical days, lectures on nutrition and a running day. Within the frame of the project, new equipment for the gym will be purchased and the Centre will be refurbished.

– We support and reach many groups in the society, and with a large number of beneficiaries, TIPH is very proud of contributing substantially to raising the awareness of how physical activity and healthy food can reduce the risk of chronic diseases and help to maintain physical and mental health, says TIPH Head of Mission, Geir Holmenes.

The idea is to have both physical exercise and lectures on how to maintain a healthy life style for the participants. There will be separate groups for women and men attending the programme.

– In the past we didn’t expect women to come to the Centre, but now we have women attending every day. The activities are based on the needs of women, says Mr. Sbeih.

The cooperation between TIPH and the Hebron Municipality and the Tariq bin Ziad Community Centre has been sustainable and successful for many years. TIPH, in cooperation with the Hebron Municipality, funded the Tariq bin Ziad sport complex in 2011 and the Tariq bin Ziad football yard in 2013. The core principles of these project were to improve the access to quality sport and physical activities for the population in H2.

– With the latest project agreement between TIPH and the Tariq bin Ziad Community Centre, we will further ensure the success and sustainability of the sport complex. The project will also strengthen and sustain TIPH’s relation with the Tareq Bin Ziad area, says TIPH Head of Mission Geir Holmenes.