TIPH Joined People of Hebron in Celebrating the Holy Month of Ramadan

As every year, TIPH joined people of Hebron in celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, by implementing a number of activities and hosting Ramadan Iftars as part of TIPH’s endeavours to strengthen the relationship and cooperation with the community and its organizations.

Friends and neighbors attended Iftar at TIPH HQ

On 23 May 2018, TIPH organized a Ramadan Iftar at its headquarters with the attendance of 500 Hebronites, including representatives from the Governor Office and Municipality, clan leaders, private companies and members of civil society organizations.

During his welcome speech, Head of Mission Einar Johnsen thanked the guests for joining the fast- breaking dinner and added: ”It is very important for us to strengthen our relationship and cooperation with the Hebron community and to receive your support, in order to be able to perform our mandate related to the city of Hebron and its residents.”

Part of Tel Rumeida Iftar

Later on 27 May 2018, TIPH held another Ramadan Iftar for the inhabitants of Tel Rumeida with the attendance of 430 Hebronites. In his speech, the Head of Mission said: “TIPH has witnessed the daily challenges faced by the population of this area. We hope this Iftar will be seen as a symbol of TIPH’s commitment to the well-being of the inhabitants of Tel Rumeida”.

In the same context, TIPH distributed 10,000 Iftar meals at Ibrahimi Tkeyeh, in Jabal Jawhar and Tariq Ben Ziad area during the month of June.