TIPH donates sports equipment for disabled children in Hebron

During the month of February 2014, TIPH distributed sports equipment to four organizations working with mentally and physically challenged children in Hebron. Amal Deaf School, Blind Charitable society, Al-Ihsan Centre and Raja Centre received equipment adapted to the specific needs of the children.

TIPH’s Community Relations section, together with observers from the mission, were offered coffee and a tour of the facilities when they delivered the equipment to the four organizations; they also used this opportunity to inform the children and staff about TIPH’s work and mandate 
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Such donations are part of a larger TIPH project that started in May 2013, when the Mission financed similar sports equipment for the Tareq Ibn Ziad (TBZ) Community Centre; the project also involved the transportation of the children to weekly training sessions taking place 16 hours per month in the TBZ Centre.
The organizations were lacking suitable space for training, as well as equipment and means of transportation to training facilities. TIPH is therefore very happy to support this project and to contribute to the well-being and to the inclusion of this vulnerable and, sometimes, marginalized group of society, says Adnan Kharoubi, TIPH Community Relation Officer.
 The project is the result of cooperation between TIPH, the Tareq Ibn Ziyad Community Centre and the Fédération sportive et gymnique du travail, FSGT, who trained the children. FSGT also provided  the trainers of the beneficiary organizations with new skills that will enable them to  continue with the training in their own facilities after the end of the project in May 2014.
 TIPH is, in accordance with its mandate, assisting in the efforts to promote the well-being of the Palestinian population in Hebron. Through its Community Relations section, it therefore supports projects aimed at improving the welfare in the local community. The projects are implemented with local non-profit organisations active in Hebron.
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