TIPH celebrates Ramadan

During the month of Ramadan, TIPH engages in a number of activities, projects and Iftars.

20160619 Iftar Tel RumeidaOn 19 June, TIPH enjoyed an Iftar together with residents in Tel Rumeida. The Iftar is an annual tradition which TIPH organises at the Yaser Omr School together with a group of volunteer from H2.

The guests arrived just before sunset and TIPH Head of Mission welcomed everyone.

– As TIPH Head of Mission, I am grateful to have volunteers that invest their time in creating a good neighbourhood in Tel Rumeida, they are a vital part in creating a vibrant and sustainable community. The Iftar is also a great opportunity for us to meet and show our support of the residents of Tel Rumeida and to enjoy the celebration of Ramadan together with them. Today, over 400 guests came to break the fast with us, says TIPH Head of Mission Einar Johnsen.

20160615 Food distribution

On 14 June, TIPH together with Al Mahawer Charitable Society distributed Iftar distributed 750 Iftar meals to the families living in Jabal Jawhar and Tariq bin Ziad. The distribution took place at Al Mahawer Society in Jabal Jawhar. On 15 June, TIPH in cooperation with Al Awqaf in the Old City distributed Iftar 750 meals to the families in the Old City.

– It was such a pleasure to be part of this donation project. The people in the Old City, Jabal Jawhar and Tariq bin Ziad have important needs and it is important for TIPH to assist them, said TIPH Community Relations Officer Safia El Abassi.

20160612 Iftar TIPH

On 12 June, TIPH hosted an Iftar at the TIPH headquarters for partners, neighbours and friends of TIPH. Over 450 guests attended the Iftar.

– I am pleased that so many guests came to enjoy the feast with us. We are proud to be a part of Hebron community, and to know that our partners and friends want to break the fast with us gives me great joy, says Head of Mission Einar Johnsen.