TIPH attends the Anniversary of the International Convention of the Rights of the Child

Palestinian children at the conference

Hebron, November 20 November – Hundreds of young Palestinian children from different West Bank cities attended the annual Child Conference on  children’s Rights, at the community center of the Hebron municipality.

The title of this year’s conference was Children Leading Change, the 27th Anniversary of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child and the 25th anniversary of defense for Children International Palestine, was also attended by senior Palestinian leaders, local officials and International organizations working in the West Bank.

The conference, included discussions on Children’s Rights, child labor, juvenile justice, fatalities and Injuries, and else more with the aim of securing a just and viable future for Palestinian Children. The children have also presented advocacy  initiatives on various issues such as safe environment for kids.

Over the past years, Defense for Children International have supported and advocated for children’s rights and provided legal services to children in urgent need. The organization also demands national and international bodies to enact stronger measures to safeguard the demographic of the Palestinian society.

  • We are pleased to take part in this interesting event, the children are the future of this country. I believe it is our duty to listen to what they have to say and discuss with them, says TIPH Head of Mission, Einar Johnsen.
TIPH Head of Mission, Einar Johnsen with Palestinian officials during the event

At the end of the conference, the organizers called for the development of a National strategy to protect children, and to implementing a governmental regulations and legislation as well as to hold the conference on a regular basis in order to continue review policy for the protection of children across the West Bank cities.

  • I am participating to show everyone here that we seek a change and protection, I am happy also to see our leaders participating in today’s event. We want them to hear our voice, said Rawan Zawahreh a 14-year old girl from the West Bank city of Bethlehem.

TIPH has financially supported the conference