The week that past: 22 December to 16 January

Since 22 December, TIPH has finalised a number of Community Relations project, the UN Coordinator for Humanitarian Aid and Development Activities visited Hebron and the Acting Head of Mission has met with the Area Commander.

2.jpgOn 22 December, the UN Coordinator for Humanitarian Aid and Development Activities, Robert Piper and his team visited Hebron and TIPH for a brief and tour of the Old City. 

On 23 December, TIPH finalised the renovation and maintenance of the Court House in the Old City in cooperation with Hebron Rehabilitation Committee, HRC.

On 24 December, TIPH supported Al Awqaf with 150 kilos of sweets for the celebration of the prophet Mohammad’s birthday (Mawlid). The sweets were distributed after the noon prayer at the Holy Site.

On 26 December, TIPH attended the closing ceremony for the Children Happiness Center’s Road Safety project. The project was coordinated with the Ministry of Education, the Palestinian police and TIPH. Approximately 50 children participated and received their diplomas. The six schools each received two STOP signals and a large board with the basic road safety rules in order to facilitate the work of the future young traffic agents

On 27 December, TIPH football team played against Al Khalil Seniors team. The match took place in the Municipality Hall and was a great success for both parties.

On 29 December, Aman society organised a closing ceremony for the Yasser Amr School, where teachers, students and their parents participated to ten workshops about Alternative to Violence in order to learn how to manage their conflicts.

On 12 January, TIPH Acting Head of Mission Stefano Nencioni met with Area Commander Col. Nader Omar to discuss the cooperation in the year that has past and for the year to come.