New TIPH members have arrived to the mission

TIPH conducted a major rotation in the beginning of February 2014. The mission changes part of its staff every six months.

Twenty-seven new observers from the Mission’s six participating countries, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy and Turkey have now arrived to TIPH.

Before the newcomers start their work they participate in an introduction course where they are briefed about the TIPH’s history, mandate and its role in Hebron.
The newcomers receive lectures about legal aspects, human rights and International Humanitarian Law, gender mainstreaming and cultural codes. Further, the new observers receive briefings from the Palestinian and Israeli Security Forces posted in Hebron.

Daniel Gundersen from Norway is one of the new observers and Hebrew speaker. He has already served as an observer in TIPH twice before, the last time in 1998.

– I am happy to be in the area and in TIPH and I am looking forward to use my skills for the mission again. It’s very interesting to be back after all these years!

The newcomers have either civilian or police backgrounds. To secure a fully operational team, all patrols consist of observers with military or police backgrounds and observers who speak Arabic or Hebrew.