New Observers have Arrived

Newcomers Nov IN.jpg

New TIPH observers have recently arrived to Hebron. After having completed an introduction course, they will be ready to start their new jobs.

The new observers have already toured Hebron and learned about the city. The TIPH mandate and the history of Hebron are also on the schedule, not to mention lessons on how to drive in the city and how to find their way foot patrolling through the old and narrow streets of Hebron. There are many things to learn for the new TIPH observers and they are all very eager to start working.

 —I came here because I wanted to learn about life in the West Bank and to see with my own eyes what I have been reading about in the papers, says Taleb Sobeh, an Arabic speaker from Sweden.

—It is a very complex reality and I am very interested in seeing how the Palestinians are living and what impact the settlements have on the life in Hebron.

Kari Fiskerstrand works as an auditor in Norway and is now looking forward to her new job in TIPH:

—It will give me a possibility to work in the human rights field in an international context and I think the year to come is going to be both interesting and exciting.

 All newcomers have either a civilian or police/military background.


6 Nov 2011