Local organisation commemorates close and good cooperation with TIPH

TIPH receives plaque from HIRN commemorating the close and good cooperation in renovating schools in Tariq bin Ziad

On the 20 September 2015 TIPH participated in the opening ceremony of the renovated schools in Tariq Bin Ziad which TIPH supported the renovation of. Through the cooperation with Al Mahawer Charitable Society, Hebron Municipality and HIRN, three schools in the Tariq Bin Ziad area were renovated in time for the school start at the end of August. The three schools are Hebron Basic, Al Noorayen, Hajirriya School and located near the Tareq Bin Ziad square.

On 13 October TIPH Head of Mission received a plaque from General Director of HIRN Hamed Qawasmeh commemorating the close and good cooperation between TIPH and HIRN.

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