Hebron hit by winter storm

On 11 December 2013, a winter storm, characterized by heavy rains, strong winds, low temperatures and snowfall, hit Hebron. Located at around 900 meters above sea level it is one of the cities which have been the most severely affected by the winter storm.


Access to and from the city, as well as within, has been hampered during several days following the snow storm, reaching between 70 cm and one meter of snow. The Old Souq area has sustained severe damages and floods. Families have experienced frequent electricity cuts, as well as difficulties accessing healthcare services and work places. TIPH operations have also been severely curtailed by the weather conditions, particularly patrolling. The Capitals’ Meeting (CM), scheduled for 12 December 2013, was cancelled due to access difficulties. Since the 18 December TIPH is again operating as usual.


small HQ in snow_3081.jpgobservers in snow small_3112.jpg