The Mission

TIPH currently has 64 international mission members and 13 local staff members and consists of four divisions: Head of Mission’s Office, Research, Analysis and Information Division, Operational Division and Logistic and Administration Division. TIPHs observers come from the five contributing countries and are employed by their respective country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and police forces. In order to fulfil the mandate, TIPH employs Arabic-speaking and Hebrew-speaking observers as well as observers with police or military background. TIPH is an unarmed, civilian mission. All observers are working in a civilian capacity for TIPH.

Head of Mission Einar H. Aas

Einar H. Aas, Police Commissioner, TIPH Head of Mission

Einar H. Aas, Police Commissioner, is TIPH Head of Mission since 27 September, 2018.

Head of Mission’s Office

Head of Mission has, with the support of the Deputy Head of Mission, the overall responsibility for the mission, as well as for the relations with both the Israeli and the Palestinian Authorities.

HOM’s Office further consist of:

A Political Adviser who provides the Head of Mission with political updates and supports the mission’s efforts to develop and improve its activities,

A Security Officer who is responsible for the overall security of the mission,Two Legal Advisers are responsible for assessing the TIPHs reports from the perspective of international humanitarian law, human rights law, and the agreements on Hebron,

Four Liaison Officers are liaising with the Israeli and Palestinian Security Forces on a daily basis. They are serving as the focal points for strengthening the information flow between the mission, people living in Hebron and the relevant authorities,

A Head of Mission Executive Assistant, who is assisting the Head of Mission.

A Media and Public Affairs Assistant, who is responsible for performing any tasks related to the media, networking, establishing and maintaining local contacts and translation documents.

Research, Analysis and Information Division

The Research, Analysis and Information Division (RAI) is responsible for analysing information collected by the observers, and compiling and writing reports on a regular basis. The reports are shared with the two parties and the five contributing countries. The division is in charge of giving briefings and tours of the city to visitors such as diplomats, NGOs and students. In addition, the RAI Division supports small scale community projects aiming at creating a feeling of security and normalising life in Hebron. RAI is managed by Head and deputy Head of Division and consists of:

Three Research Officers who are in charge of compiling the monthly and periodic reports.

Two Community Relations Officers (CRO’s) and one local Project Coordinator (PC) who participate in the selection and oversee the management of TIPH supported projects.

A Gender Adviser, responsible for internal and external TIPH Gender Mainstreaming activities and supports the CRO’s in their work.

Operations Division

The main task of the division is to carry out patrols within the area of responsibility in Hebron seven days a week. Through the presence of observers, TIPH monitors and reports on efforts by the parties to the Hebron Agreement to maintain a normal life in Hebron. Patrolling is also aimed at creating a feeling of security among the Palestinians in the city.

To secure a fully operational patrol, all patrols consist of observers with military or police backgrounds, and observers who speak Arabic and Hebrew. Patrols are conducted mainly by foot, to sustain a good communication with the population in Hebron.

The Operations Division is manned with an Arabic speaker on call, who can be reached in case of urgent situations on a 24-hours basis.

Logistics and Administration Division

The Logistics and Administration Division is responsible for supporting the TIPH mission members and staff in their daily work. The division consists of six subdivisions: Personnel Management, Finance Office, Communication and Information Technology Office, Building and Transport Management, Procurement and Medical Office.