Football Brings People Together

Twenty two youth from the haret Jaaber neighbourhood in Hebron will be able to play football in Hussein Stadium twice a week during the next year. —We are very proud that TIPH has made our dream about playing football in a stadium come true, expressed one of the players in the newly formed football team.

 —Football speaks a common language that everybody understands and is a game which brings people together over cultural, national and social boundaries, said Per Elvestuen, Deputy Head of TIPH Research, Information and Analyse Division, in an opening ceremony in which all the players received uniforms with TIPH logo and football shoes.

There is a great interest for playing football in haret Jaaber area but so far the streets have been the only arena, which has resulted in many injuries.

In cooperation with the Hussein Stadium, TIPH will be renting training facilities for a whole year and provide the players with equipment.

29 December 2012

Football 2 IN.jpg

Each team member received a bag with clothes, shoes and leg protection.

Football 4 IN.jpg

Per Elvestuen from TIPH congratulated the new football team.