About TIPH

TIPH is a civilian observer mission stationed in the city of Hebron. The mission was called for by the Israeli and the Palestinian authorities in 1997, to support them in their efforts to improve the situation in Hebron.  

The mission works with a mandate which states that the TIPH is established to promote by their presence a feeling of security to the Palestinians of Hebron and to help to promote stability in the city.

About TIPH

What we do

TIPH monitors the situation in Hebron and reports on breaches of the agreements on Hebron between the Israeli and the Palestinian side, as well as international humanitarian law and international recognised human rights standards.

How we work

The reports are not public, but are forwarded to the relevant party, either to the Israeli Defence Forces or to the Palestinian Police Forces with inquiries and questions. The parties are obliged to give an official response to the inquiries submitted by  TIPH. If necessary, TIPH demands further clarification from the responsible parties, all with the aim to find remedies and solutions to the reported incident.

Moreover, TIPH communicates its findings to the six member countries of TIPH, which may use diplomatic channels to widen the dialogue concerning the situation in Hebron.

The mandate

The Israeli and the Palestinian authorities agree twice a year if they want to renew the mandate and sign an extension of the agreement accordingly. TIPH is financed exclusively and directly by its six member countries.