Apply for a project

TIPH ask for applications twice a year; 1 May and 1 November. The call for concept will be published on the website.

Remember that:

  1. Project support is only granted to organisations, not to individual people.
  2. The organisation must be non-profit.
  3. Organisations must be registered with the Palestinian Ministry of Interior.
  4. Organisations must have an active board committee.

Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Organisations must be working within TIPH’s Area of Responsibility.
  2. The aims of the projects must be in line with the mandate of TIPH.
  3. The project must contribute to the social development and well-being of the Palestinian people in Hebron and priority is given to projects within the H2 area.
  4. Projects should reach a large number of beneficiaries and provide visibility to TIPH.
  5. Cultural, sports and charitable activities benefiting children and youth are welcomed.
  6. TIPH does not distribute food or clothes nor contributes to the funding of it.
  7. TIPH does not support running costs including regular salaries, administrative costs, telephone bills, furniture, carpets and office equipment.

To help you apply

The Project proposal needs to be as accurate as possible and this also goes for its budget. The project proposal should explain the project and its aims and goals, basically what you want to achieve with the project and how to do it.

Project budget

In the proposal there is also a budget to be presented. This budget should be as specific as possible and only include the needs to finalize the project. The budget is a crucial part of the proposal, since it specifies the economic needs of it.

Project logframe

The logframe is a part of the contract TIPH signs with its partner organizations after the proposal has been approved by TIPH. This is part of an agreement between TIPH and the partner organisation, which specifies what should be done and when it should be done. The logframe specifies the duties of the implementing organisation, and your duties in the project. The logframe works as a tool for the TIPH and the implementing organisation to monitor the progress of the project. Please have these examples in mind when writing your own proposal. Proposals that don´t meet the demands of TIPH will not be considered.

Download application forms here

All project applications must include a description of the project and the budget. The applications must be submitted using the TIPH Concept Paper form and written in English. Applications not written in English, using the TIPH Concept form will not be processed.

Applications can be sent electronically to or delivered to the reception at the TIPH headquarters at Dahiyyet Al-Rame.

Applications selection process

  1. Community Relations will select only Concept papers coming from organisations that meet the mentioned basic preconditions.
  2. A selection committee will assess and shortlist the Concept papers based on the abovementioned criteria, with particular focus on their relevance, feasibility, sustainability and visibility.
  3. A Community Relations Officer will contact your organisation to communicate the decision. If the concept paper is shortlisted you will be asked to submit a full application.
  4. The processing of Concept Papers takes up to five weeks.

If you are a local organisation active in Hebron and would like to discuss project proposals please contact us via