A special day at work

TIPH observer rescues baby during patrol

A TIPH observer rescuing a baby with CPR.
A TIPH observer rescuing a baby using CPR.

It was an afternoon in late September. Like so many other days, the patrol parked the TIPH-car close to the Ibrahimi Mosque/Cave of Machpela in downtown Hebron. What thereafter happened was not like any other day.

The two TIPH observers were about to start foot patrolling when suddenly a Palestinian man came out screaming for help from a house nearby. In his arms, the man held a baby, a lifeless baby. The baby wasn’t breathing.

In a few moment, people had gathered but no one seemed to know what to do. One of the TIPH observers approached and quickly started to give the baby first aid. In an instant, the baby started to cough and then breathe. By that time paramedics from ISF had arrived and immediately started to help. At the same time an Israeli ambulance arrived with a doctor who examined the baby.

A short time after a Palestinian ambulance came to the spot, and after consultation with the Israeli doctor, the ambulance took the baby to hospital for further examination.

The baby recovered and is now in good health the family tells.