7-24 February

Over the last two weeks, TIPH has received visits from several organisations, representatives from the contributing countries and held meetings with UN organisations. In addition, TIPH organised and facilitated a tripartite meeting, attended a meeting with COGAT and participated in the opening ceremony of the Islamic Court House in the Old City.

On 22 February, a tripartite meeting between the Palestinians Security Forces, Israeli Defence Forces and TIPH was organised at the TIPH headquarters. The meeting aimed at further enhancing the cooperation between the Parties, and through this support them in the efforts of normalising the situation in Hebron.

 20160222 Tripartite.jpg

Members of IDF and PSF meeting at TIPH headquarters in Hebron. 

– Bringing the Parties together for discussion and cooperation is an aim for TIPH and we are pleased that representatives from both Parties attended the meeting and it is our hope that this meeting will serve as a platform for further discussion and cooperation between the Parties, said TIPH acting Head of Mission Stefano Nencioni.

Also on 22 February, TIPH participated in the opening of the Islamic Court House in the Old City, a renovation project which is partly funded by TIPH. The major of Hebron and TIPH Head of Operations among others gave speeches and some 200 people attended the ceremony, which took place in the Ibrahimi School next to the Islamic Court House.

 20160222 Old Court 2.jpg

TIPH Head of Operations giving a speech at the Islamic Court House opening ceremony. 

Over the last two weeks, TIPH have given briefs to representatives from the Italian Embassy, the YMCA in Jerusalem, the Swedish Parliament’s committee for Foreign Affairs, UNDSS West Bank, representatives from the Norwegian Representative Office and representatives from the German Representative Office.

 Swedish visit.jpg

The Swedish Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs on a brief in the Old City. 

On 10 February, TIPH Acting Head of Mission met with representatives from COGAT, the Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories at the offices of the DCL in Hebron.

 20160210 cogat.jpg

TIPH meeting with COGAT at the DCL offices. 

Published on 25 February, 2016.